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Have you been arrested or cited for DUI in Portland Oregon? Oregon Legal can help.

Under Oregon DUII Laws, an Oregon DUI arrest can trigger two separate cases: (1) a DMV administrative case, where the person’s driver’s license may be suspended from anywhere from 90 days, to three years, and (2) a DUI criminal case, where significant punishment including jail time, fines, mandatory classes, required ignition interlock devices, and other consequences can be imposed.

Oregon Legal can help you with both matters.

For most drivers who have not had a DUI before, they will be eligible for Oregon’s DUI Diversion program. This means the criminal case is often fairly easy to resolve. However, before entering into the diversion program, our office reviews with you all the discovery such as police reports, 911 calls, photographs, audio recordings, video recordings, dash cam footage, body camera footage, lab reports, breath test report cards, etc. We carefully examine your case for factual or legal defenses before discussing a plea.

The DMV administrative case is typically more concerning to most drivers because it is time-sensitive, and involves a possible driver’s license suspension. We request a DMV Implied Consent hearing on behalf of our clients, and prepare for that hearing with the client’s input. These hearings are tough to win, but they are worth requesting, and your driving privileges are certainly worth fighting for.

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Why Don’t You Offer Free Consultations?

Over the years, we have found that many people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to free consultations. Cases cannot be resolved within an hour, and therefore our consultations are designed to be more of an interview process. Do you want to hire our firm? Do we want to accept your case? We have a long history of helping clients all throughout Oregon, but we do not offer any free legal services (e.g. pro bono work).

Oregon Legal offers low-cost consultations in order to screen prospective clients and to also provide valuable information about the legal process.