Bike Accident Lawyer and Attorney in Portland Oregon

Unique and Dangerous Issues Bicyclists Face

With bike riding so prominent in Oregon, bicyclists face many problems. Unsafe road conditions, defective cycling products, and accidents involved with motor vehicles are all possible issues that bicyclists could face. Bicyclists are often not given the right-of-way they deserve on the roadways, which too often results in an accident where the driver of the vehicle is at fault.

Common injuries that bicycles involved in an accident face are knee injuries, neck injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, fractures or lacerations. With the lack of protection a bike provides, these injuries are often severe and life-threatening.

Are you Entitled to Compensation?

If you’ve been involved in a bike accident where the driver of the vehicle is at fault, because of someone else’s negligence you have likely suffered an injury, loss of income or wages, and a broken bike. But it doesn’t stop there; you are then most-likely confronted with numerous calls and emails from insurance companies looking to settle for minimum payout. 

Compensation is rightfully due to the injured bicyclist involved in an accident. Direct medical costs and expenses associated with the accident, loss of income or wages, and damages to the bike are all possible expenses and damages incurred from the accident. All of which you are entitled to.

The Importance of Hiring a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident, hiring a lawyer that specializes in bicycle accident cases is highly important. It’s imperative to seek legal representation that understands the laws and right-of-ways that bicyclists have on the roadways. Additionally, it’s just as important to seek legal representation that understands the liability and responsibility that bicycle and bicycle manufacturers have in the distribution of their products. As a lawyer who understands these laws and responsibilities, Oregon Legal is dedicated to handling your bicycle accident case with great attention and care.

How Oregon Legal Can Help During a Bicycle Accident

Here at Romano Law, P.C., we understand that injuries associated with bike accidents are often severe and life-changing, and how dealing with the stress of the situation can be overwhelming. Michael Romano has made it his mission to be an advocate for bicyclists wronged by the negligence of another party, and bring fair compensation to those involved in a bicycle accident.