Pink Martini’s Van Stolen From Headquarters

What can possibly be worse for a musical group than getting gear stolen? Perhaps getting the group van stolen. Portland’s iconic musical group Pink Martini had their band van stolen from their headquarters. 

Portland’s iconic, genre-bending group, Pink Martini, recently had their van stolen from a downtown Portland parking garage – but the thief didn’t just stop there.

Much to band’s dismay, the thief painted over treasured artwork that was specifically done for the group’s van. The thief didn’t realize that the unique artwork covering the vehicle was done by Kenny Scharf, a renowned, Los Angeles-based contemporary artist.

KGW reports that on Sunday, Feb. 19, the van was stolen from the Pink Martini headquarters. Shortly, the band posted messages all over social media asking fans to keep an eye out for the van. On their post, the band wrote “our beloved van was stolen from Pink Martini headquarters Sunday afternoon in broad daylight!” and added a short video of the iconic van being driven out of a parking garage.

The band also offered a $500 cash reward to anyone with information on the whereabouts of the van. Along with a few scattered updates, the band stated that the van had made its way through downtown Portland and into Gresham.

However, it wasn’t until Wednesday morning that the band learned the van had been found in Southeast Portland, where it had been dropped off at an impound lot. Although there are no suspects yet, the band states they’re happy that the van was found.

The band is scheduled to go on tour at the end of the month in support of their album “Je Dis Oui!”