Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure – Rule 25

ORCP 25 – Effect of Proceeding after Motion or Amendment

A Amendment or pleading over after motion; non-waiver of defenses or objections. When a motion to dismiss or a motion to strike an entire pleading or a motion for a judgment on the pleadings under Rule 21 is allowed, the court may, upon such terms as may be proper, allow the party to amend the pleading. In all cases where part of a pleading is ordered stricken, the pleading shall be amended in accordance with Rule 23 D. By amending a pleading pursuant to this section, the party amending such pleading shall not be deemed thereby to have waived the right to challenge the correctness of the court’s ruling.

B Amendment of pleading; objections to amended pleading not waived. If a pleading is amended, whether pursuant to sections A or B of Rule 23 or section A of this rule or pursuant to other rule or statute, a party who has filed and received a court’s ruling on any motion directed to the preceding pleading does not waive any defenses or objections asserted in such motion by failing to reassert them against the amended pleading.

C Denial of motion; non-waiver by filing responsive pleading. If an objection or defense is raised by motion, and the motion is denied, the party filing the motion does not waive the objection or defense by filing a responsive pleading or by failing to re-assert the objection or defense in the responsive pleading or by otherwise proceeding with the prosecution or defense of the action.

[CCP 12/13/80]​