ORCP 08 – Process

A Process. All process authorized to be issued by any court or officer thereof shall run in the name of the State of Oregon and be signed by the officer issuing the same, and if such process is issued by a clerk of court, the seal of office of such clerk shall be affixed to such process. Summonses and subpoenas are not process and are covered by Rule 7 and Rule 55, respectively.

B Where county is a party. Process in an action where any county is a party shall be served on the county clerk or the person exercising the duties of that office, or if the office is vacant, upon the chairperson of the governing body of the county, or in the absence of the chairperson, any member thereof.

C Service or execution. Any civil process may be served or executed on Sunday or any other legal holiday. No limitation or prohibition stated in ORS 1.060 shall apply to such service or execution of any civil process on a Sunday or other legal holiday.

D Proof of service or execution. Proof of service or execution of process shall be made as provided in Rule 7 F.

[CCP 12/2/78; §A amended and §D deleted and §E redesignated by CCP 12/9/06]​