Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure – Rule 05

ORCP 05 – (In Rem)

Jurisdiction in rem. A court of this state having jurisdiction of the subject matter may exercise jurisdiction in rem on the grounds stated in this section. A judgment in rem may affect the interests of a defendant in the status, property, or thing acted upon only if a summons has been served upon the defendant pursuant to Rule 7 or other applicable rule or statute. Jurisdiction in rem may be invoked in any of the following cases:

         A When the subject of the action is real or personal property in this state and the defendant has or claims a lien or interest, actual or contingent, therein, or the relief demanded consists wholly or partially in excluding the defendant from any interest or lien therein. This section also shall apply when any such defendant is unknown.

         B When the action is to foreclose, redeem from, or satisfy a mortgage, claim, or lien upon real property within this state.

​[CCP 12/2/78]​