Mandatory Minimum Sentences For Major Felony Sex Crimes

Oregon law provides that persons convicted of two or more major sex crimes shall be sentenced to a mandatory 25 year prison sentence.

ORS 137.690 – Major felony sex crimes; repeat offenders; mandatory minimum sentence

a. Any person who is convicted of a major felony sex crime, who has one (or more) previous conviction of a major felony sex crime, shall be imprisoned for a mandatory minimum term of 25 years.

b. “Major felony sex crime” means rape in the first degree (ORS 163.375), sodomy in the first degree (ORS 163.405), unlawful sexual penetration in the first degree (ORS 163.411), or using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct (ORS 163.670).

c. “Previous conviction” includes a conviction for the statutory counterpart of a major felony sex crime in any jurisdiction, and includes a conviction in the same sentencing proceeding if the conviction is for a separate criminal episode as defined in ORS 131.505.