Dog Bite Lawyer Beaverton Oregon

Have You Been a Victim of a Dog Attack or Dog Bite?

Being a victim of a dog bite is a scary and traumatic experience, that often has life-changing consequences. Commonly, dog bite incidents include children, which intensifies the stress of the situation.  

There are many different reasons that a dog may bite someone. The nature of a particular breed, negligence from the owner of the dog, lack of training, and animal abuse are the common reasons dogs attack. 

Common injuries resulting from a dog bite include lacerations, blood loss, broken bones, nerve damage, soft tissue damage, permanent disfigurement, deep puncture wounds, traumatic brain injuries, scratches, cuts and bruises, and abrasions.

Are you Entitled to Compensation?

Oftentimes, the victim of a dog bite doesn’t want to hold the dog owner accountable for the incident. Typically, incurred medical costs and expenses associated with the dog bite begin to add up after the bite occurs. As the victim of a dog bite, you are entitled the damages caused by the dog bite in qualifying circumstances. This includes economic compensation of loss of wages, any medical expenses, and any future medical costs. This also includes non-economic compensation of pain and suffering, psychological injuries, scarring, and emotional distress.

Why it’s Important to Hire a Dog Bite Lawyer

If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, you have likely dealt with the poor cooperation by insurance companies not taking you or your situation seriously. Too often, insurance companies are not aware of the laws around dog bite incidents. One of the most important parts of your dog bite lawsuit is the discovery phase. This phase allows for legal representation to review the owner’s insurance policy (homeowners’, renters’ or animal insurance) to determine the limitations of a supplemental policy. Seeking qualified legal representation that is knowledgeable of the laws surrounding your attack is critical in maximizing your case and compensation. Understanding how insurance policies play a large role in dog bite incidents, Oregon Legal is dedicated to bringing fair compensation to the victim of a dog bite.

How Oregon Legal Can Help During a Dog Bite

Here at Romano Law, P.C., we understand how a dog bite can affect the victim and the family of the victim. With the stress of healing, medical expenses, pain and suffering, not being taken seriously by insurance companies creates an additional pressure. Let us help you to make this a less stressful time, and bring you the compensation you deserve.